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I always recommend regular reviews of your mortgage, as most mortgages last between two to five years before they become a standard variable mortgage.


When your mortgage comes to an end you have several options:-


  • You can do nothing, meaning you will move to your lender's standard variable rate. This means your monthly payment is likely to increase.

  • You can select a new product with your current lender, but existing customer products may not be as competitive as other products available.

  • You can remortgage with a new lender, which could save money. Even a small change in the interest rate being paid could result in significant monthly savings.

  • If the value of your property has gone up since you took out your mortgage, the loan-to-value of your property may have reduced. This could mean you are eligible for a lower rate than you are currently on.


Each option has its advantages and I will discuss with you what is best for your personal circumstances, and I can recommend lenders who provide free valuations and waive legal fees.


You haven’t reviewed your existing mortgage for a while and you’re on the standard variable rate


Many of us don’t have the time to research our options, however I can do it all this for you.I will look at your existing mortgage and compare it to alternative options. If you are on the standard variable rate set by the bank you may find you could save money by switching deals.


You want to release money from your property

As house prices grow you may want to use the equity you have built up to pay for home improvements, holidays, personal purchases or to consolidate debts. In this situation I can recommend a suitable solution for you and help you raise money from your home.

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