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Buy to let

The buy to let market is constantly changing with new regulation, criteria and tax changes. It is now more important than ever to ensure you get the right advice when applying for a buy to let mortgage.


I can advise you on:-


  • Buy to let

  • Let to buy

  • Limited company mortgages

  • Portfolio landlords

  • HMOs

  • Holiday homes

  • AirBnB

  • Refurbishment to let

When assessing affordability on buy to lets most lenders will use the rental income achievable. If this falls short some lenders can take your personal income into account.

Different lenders have different rental calculations, and some companies are a lot more lenient than others so if one lender is not willing to lend on a property there may be others that will.

I have lots of experience with professional landlords who set up specific purpose vehicles and buy properties through a limited company.

I also provide bridging finance and development finance for clients who like to buy properties that need renovating before they are in a lettable condition. This is becoming more popular with landlords buying properties and converting them into houses of multiple occupation (HMOs) or buying a commercial property and converting it to residential.

I will confirm the different options available to you and we also recommend you speak to an accountant to get the correct tax advice before you decide how to purchase a buy to let property.

I will be able to help you make the right decisions, keeping you updated with changes in the market place so you are always one step a head.


 I can help you with:-

  • Freehold flats

  • Flats above commercial premises

  • Multi unit flats

  • Large HMO’s up to 20 bedrooms


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